pennebaker family

The Pennebakers are my grandmother Charlotte's side of the family. This also includes the Roots and Reesers, though I have lately found much more about the Root family back in Camanche township, Clinton county, Iowa.

As I mentioned on other pages, it's Charlotte's album from her early years that sparked my interest in the family history. Now, with the internet making research so much easier, I have added a lot of information.

I also have some tales of the nearer family. I've transcribed the story of the first meeting between Lucinda Finley and her future husband, William Harrison Pennebaker. Their son, George Finley Pennebaker, was also in California in 1849. He returned to visit the family after the Civil War, and as the story goes, was so distraught by the damages, brought his whole family back to California in a wagon train in 1868. You can read this diary, too.

You can read about the move to Oregon in 1879, after a particularly dry year in Visalia, California.

Charlotte Pennebaker's ancestors

I've made a short chart to show Charlotte's ancestry. I've kept it to just a few generations for the sake of space. I have data (with some admittedly suspect links) as far back as the 12th century.

CME chart

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