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Welcome to the Gaming Page

It's a tradition with pages like this to begin with a bit of background.

I began wargaming in the 1950's. I would arrange a collection of plastic soldiers into teams around the yard or a handy vacant lot, then toss rocks at them to represent incoming artillery and massive small-arms fire.

It was crude, but I was a little kid. I still do much the same thing, but now I honor the figures with a coat of paint, use the roll of dice to replace the rocks, and use a nicely-landscaped table instead of the vacant lot.

Are there even vacant lots anymore? And where they still exist, what modern parent would let a kid play in one?

What's here

Here you will find some game notes, files, tools, and other 'odds and ends' I've put together for my wargame habit. Feel free to download any and all of these things you find useful.