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Game Aides

I have built a few bits to help me play. They are here, arranged by the applicable rule system, if any.

Feel free to download anything that catches your eye.

Rally Round the King

I use paper figures to represent army units under Two Hour Wargames' Rally Round the King. These units are made with a variety of paper figures by OneMonk, Gwindel, JuniorGeneral, PaperGeneral, etc. If you'd like to use some of these free figures, here's what I've assembled so far:

Too Fat Lardies games

The rules produced by the creative team at Too Fat Lardies are easy to learn and fast to play. "Bag the Hun" is their card-driven World War II air combat game. It is not a flight simulator; you aren't going to be able to perform a "split-s" or a "wing-over", or even do much about changing air speed. What it does do well is give you a chance to feel the tension and speed of air combat.

Bag the Hun: Buzz Bomb

Hitler's revenge weapon is coming to a town near you! A really simple solo scenario to try your hand at shooting down a defenseless V1 buzz bomb.

Collected aircraft tables: some from the rules, some from other authors, some of my own.


The folks at Piquet have card-driven supplements for nearly any era you might like to game.

Here are some tools that might be useful if you play Piquet. I didn't think these up myself; I modified existing tools others invented and

I don't claim them as my own. "Archon" is their supplement for wargames in the period of 3000 B.C. to 1200 A.D.

Archon movement tool: PDF or Illustrator:
  • Archon movement tool for 6mm: PDF or Illustrator