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I sort of maintain a blog: Nova Albion to report on games I play, but I don't seem to be keeping it updated. For now, I'm porting older reports to this page in the hopes the enthusiasm for HTML5 will keep me gaming.

No, now that I write it down, it doesn't seem likely to me, either.

Chief Red Hawk

Chief Red Hawk raids a mining camp

TwoHourWargames: Six Gun Sound

Just before dawn, a Spring day in California, 1850. Chief Red Hawk and 7 of his warriors (4 with bows) sneak up on the miners camped on Two-Claim Creek.

The surprise was not a total success as two men were already awake: Sheriff Jason Doolittle (Rep 5) and his deputy Tom Johnson (Rep 3).

Red Hawk wins the initiative and the two men closest to him fire. The Sheriff is Out Of the Fight (OOF) and the deputy is Obviously Dead (OD). The miners awaken.

Red Hawk wins initiative again. Two bowmen move to his left; the Chief, a warrior (Rep 4) and a brave (Rep 3) move toward the downed sheriff. Two more bowmen and a brave move to the bushes on the right flank. The miners move to defend themselves.

Red Hawk regularly wins initiative, but one miner (Rep 4) drop two indians quickly. The Rep 3 brave stands his ground (no bow). The Mountain Man called Big Bear Hogan strides forward, shoots, misses the Chief. Hogan rushes into melee with two indians, but is pushed back and back and back until he loses badly and goes OOF.

The Chief and two warriors rush a miner, but he routs away under their fierce charge. A second miner, in the bushes, sees this and decides to leave the field as well.

With three men dead or down and two running away, the last miner high-tails it out of the fight leaving the field to the Indians.

When word gets back to town, Deputy Buck Clayton (now Sheriff) investigates and determines that the Indians have taken gold as well as supplies and weapons. This is unusual. Governor Banks is notified and the Army is called in.

A d20

Dwarves vs. Ratmen

Piquet: Hostile Realms

First turn: Dwarves win 4 pts, but draw useless cards: leadership checks, lull. The Ratmen fail to gain initiative on the lull card. But the "sneaky critter" is the last card drawn, and the Ratmen move!
Ratmen draw a lull card, the dwarves win initiative from them, getting manna recharge. Their Wizard uses it to cast a fireball at the giant rats, but it fails.
Remaining draws: Courage (na), Melee, missile reload.

Dwarves win 1pt initiative and draw "berserker", doesn't apply.

The rats win 4:1, get 3pts. They draw: Engines reload, leadership, courage. Nothing useful.

The dwarves win 7. 3 useless cards, then move! Finish with heroic moment: the steam ram advances!

Rats maneuver: catapult deploys. They draw melee, pillage, morale, move, heroic moment: catapult takes a "war engine reload", fires at steam ram: long range. d4 vs d6, 2 vs 4, a miss. They reload with favor of the gods!

The dwarves win 5pts. They draw engineering, manna: sumon insects (roll tied, failure). They try again, succeed, depleting their manna. On the move: insects sent to unform the giant rats, steam ram (lg creature) hits rat skirmish line, who fire in defense and miss. A missile reload (firing arq. vs sk, d8/d6, tie). Lastly an army morale.

The rats melee: skirmish d4 vs steam ram d12+2: 8 to 1! 3 stands down, the rats rout. There's enemy within a 1/2 move so no pursuit. Move: the king rat advances toward dwarf king, catapult fires on steam ram (d4vsd6, 4/5 miss). eow reload, fire again, 2/5 miss. Check army morale.

The dwarves win 2pts: move 1 cmd grp: Lord axe (w/sword of seeking) moves into rat skirmishers (a 2/20 says relic is good) rolling d12+5 vs d4; result is 14 to 4, skirmishers destroyed. Last, a missile reload.

The dwarves win 2. A lull, but the rats fail to steal the initiative. A melee card.

The rats win, drawing: missile reload, manna. Rat Mage attempts hail storm, succeeds. Lord Axe of the dwarves loses a stand. A morale challenge is issued, d12 to d6. Lord Axe loses, 3-9 and he routs.

Initiative roll tied at 1/1, all chips back into bag.

The dwarves win 4pts. They draw: Leadership check (Lord Axe rallies his unit), The Smith casts a fireball at the King Rat unit (d10 vs d6: succeeds 9/2; d12 vs d6: tied, n.e. Army morale check.

The rats draw: pillage; lull: dwarves steal the initiative, draw a melee card. The steam ram melees vs rat soldiers attached to a lord (6/3), 1 wound and rat soldiers are routed. Next, the rat mage gets manna, and casts a stinking cloud on the steam ram. The spell succeeds, but the ram passes morale. They draw a lull and the dwarves win initiative back, drawing an eng.phase.

The dwarves win 4: leadership, two maneuvers, lull which they win.

The rats draw: manna; (casting the last stinking cloud on ram again, it succeeds, and the ram passes as before), favor of gods: move 1 cmd grp. The giant rats attack the Dwarf king's unit! A heroic moment card is taken as melee (d12 vs d12, 7/5).

The rats win 4pts: missile reload 2x, army morale, eng. reload. One hit from catapult vs. ram; it fires again getting a wound. Its morale is challenged, the ram loses by 2.

Dwarves win, drawing: melee (king vs rat leader, d12+4 vs d8: 12/1! 11 hits=destroyed. rat leader rolls 3/20 and is stuck in melee with dwarves, w/1 wound. missile reload: arq fires 8/1 for 2 wounds. rats out of morale so dwarves challenge: lose by 2. fire again for 2 more wounds. favor of the gods.

dwarves win 7pts. berserker; heroic moment taken as melee to deal with Rat Leader. d12+2 vs d6. 13/5 leader destroyed! 7 morale chips more to dwarves and two morale challenges. Sneaky critters all attack! courage! dwarves test vs. d6, both units stand. insects disorder rat king's unit. rats: melee. both inconclusive (king vs king, right flank battle). Melee again. King: d12 +2 (w/favor of gods) vs d10. 12/4 for 2 wounds, rout unralliable. rat king rolls d20+3, takes a wound. . rt flank d8 vs d12 dwarves. 11/4 = 2 wnds, dbled. army morale: d10 vs d12: 1/10! Rats retire from the field.

Remaining rats: king, 1 unit of warriors, catapult.
Remaining dwarves: King and all leaders, no units lost.