Mike's Wargame Pages

Here you will find some game notes, files, tools, and other 'odds and ends' I've put together for my wargame habit. Feel free to download any and all of these things you find useful.

I've also started a page that holds various game reports, often called BatReps (Battle Reports) or AARs (After Action Reports). there are links over on the sidebar of this page.

These days, I only play solo games. The best rules I've found are the ones produced by Two Hour Wargames. With the exception of the Zombie games (which for some reason hold no appeal for me), I have nearly all of their rules. There's not a clinker in the bunch.

Because I play solo, and I sometimes use the games as ideas for stories, I rely heavily on tools such as Mythic and the wonderful ideas over at Tiny Soldiers to stretch myself out of familiar grooves.


Mythic is a simple tool that has helped my solo gaming be more entertaining. In any situation, I frame a yes/no question and assign a liklihood: Unlikely, 50/50, Nearly Impossible, etc. Given the current state of the situation, I'm given a set of probabilities for a "yes" or a "no". Roll d100, get my answer. Tom Pigeon, the author, has given us a wonderful tool. Visit the Yahoo group here: Mythic_Role_Playing or visit Tom's website.

Here's a small page for those of you who want to use the mouse instead of dice (for a moment or two, at least): Mythic Helper. This one includes a check for doubles and tells you if there's a scene-interrupt. Feel free to copy it for your own use.

Too Fat Lardies games

The rules produced by the creative team at Too Fat Lardies are easy to learn and fast to play. "Bag the Hun" is their card-driven World War II air combat game. It is not a flight simulator; you aren't going to be able to perform a "split-s" or a "wing-over", or even do much about changing air speed. What it does do well is give you a chance to feel the tension and speed of air combat.

Bag the Hun: Buzz Bomb

Hitler's revenge weapon is coming to a town near you! A really simple solo scenario to try your hand at shooting down a defenseless V1 buzz bomb.

Collected aircraft tables: some from the rules, some from other authors, some of my own.


The folks at Piquet have card-driven supplements for nearly any era you might like to game.

Here are some tools that might be useful if you play Piquet. I didn't think these up myself; I modified existing tools others invented and

I don't claim them as my own. "Archon" is their supplement for wargames in the period of 3000 B.C. to 1200 A.D.

Archon movement tool: PDF: or for 6mm: PDF