From "Italian Noble Families", vol. 111


The most distant and remote origins of this notable and very distinct family are purely Lombard; although now-a-days they find themselves dispersed in other regions.

Referring to the accredited book of Commendatore2 Callalanza on the noble Italian families in volume 111, page 9, we find above all, also enumerated this family, and one finds that they first appeared in Canobbio, on Lake Maggiore, where they are retained amongst the most ancient.

Many distinguished themselves in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, in fact from the ancient chronicles, we learn that Enrico was a prelate of the convent of the "Humble in Fatherland"3 in the distant year 1347.

Giacomo was a rector of Santo Vittore in 1374.

Pietro was a renowned notary and collegiate counsel in 1456, while another Pietro was a distinguished doctor in surgery in 1522.

The first-born son branch is extinct4, leaving only the remaining cadet branches5.

From the excellent work of Ginanni, the significance of the heraldry is that the badger (tasso) is analogous with the surname and the banner is of the Ghibelline6 party.

(275 - taken at the Regia Biblioteca Casanelenza - Roma)


  1. Tassani and Tassano are the same family
  2. Commendatore is a title like commander of certain orders of knighthood.
  3. "Umiliati in Patria", order founded by some Milanese in the 12th century and abolished in the 16th century.
  4. The real estate that, with the title, belonged by right only to the first-born son of a noble family.
  5. Those born after the first were cadets of a noble family.
  6. The Ghibellines were a great political faction in medieval Italy from the 12th to 15th century.