The Romance of Mokelumne Hill

The first in a series of electronic books (PDF files) is a collection of stories transcribed from the Calaveras Weekly in the 1940s. They were written by my great grandfather, George Walter Pennebaker. I'm proud to present them here, the only place you'll find stories of old Mokelumne Hill in the California Gold Rush area.

Story Titles

Here's a list of the story titles in this PDF:

  • A Miner's Christmas
  • Forgotten Town
  • Battle of Campo Seco
  • The Old Iron Door
  • The Rich Gulch Burro
  • A True Ghost Story
  • Essay on Creeds
  • G. W. Pennebaker's Corner
  • Charlie Shanghai
  • The Old Gwyn Mine
  • A Miner Whose Riches Brought Little Happiness.
  • Crystal Mining
  • Joaquin Murietta
  • "And this too shall pass away."
  • Fallin' down rich
  • The "Chronicle" - and a Gambler
  • Romance of Chutkaya, the Queen of her tribe

Names Mentioned

In case you're doing some family research on your own, here are some of the names he mentions in these stories:

  • Doolittle
  • Gwyn
  • Hamilton
  • James
  • Markham
  • McClure
  • McSorley
  • Mondana
  • Murietta
  • Peck
  • Pennebaker
  • Pfeiffer
  • Schund
  • Shufflin
  • Smith
  • Sullivan
  • Thomas
  • White

How to Order

If you're interested in purchasing a copy for $5.00, send an email to and I'll send along the PayPal instructions. PayPal lets you safely buy things on the Internet using a credit card or debit card without risk to you.