Recent Projects

I have finally made progress on preserving my grandmother Charlotte's collection of doll clothes. She made them from about 1905 until 1916, sewing the tiny things from bits of cloth given to her by friends and family.

They had been stitched to pieces of coarse cloth and stored in plastic sleeves. The sleeves were tied into a large cloth-covered box. I felt I could do something to extend their life, so began cleaning and remounting them on rectangles of ph-neutral muslin. These are then mounted on coroplast and given spacers. These "plates" are stacked so that no page presses upon another. The collection of plates are stored in a custom box.

During the process, I transcribed each page of her type-written descriptions, photographed the costumes, and made them into a web collection of about 45 pages so others can see and enjoy them.

Here's the top page of Charlotte's Doll Book.

Earlier but still recent

As the happy recipient of several large boxes of leather findings (buckles, rings, etc.) as well as a substantial pile of recycled suede, it seemed like a good time to attack some of the long-standing projects on my list. Chief among those projects is the desire to construct a Steampunk outfit.

To that end, I've begun refreshing my leather and brass skills. Here are some examples of things I've made recently.

steampunk Medallion

This is assembled from some cherished pieces from the bit-drawer. The wings are from the front fender of my ’82 Harley; the brass piece on top is from an HO-scale steam locomotive I my father gave me in High School; the dragon is from my first earring; the bead (sadly, turned backwards in the photo) is the first eye-bead I ever made.

Steampunk, medallion

Hat Medallion

A medallion to decorate an old REI cap. A bit of brass to set it apart.

cap medallion

Notebook Cover

A simple cover for a Moleskine Reporter notebook.

notebook cover

Prabian Order of Conservative Rectitude

This medal was awarded after the Battle of Four Failures


Steam Paracord Bracelet

An anachronistic combination of brass and paracord.

steam bracelet

Darth Vader Bracelet

I was asked to produce a Death Star bracelet but ended making one out of a Lego Darth Vader keyring figure.

Darth Vader paracord