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Star Wars Day: May the 4th (be with you)

I've been wondering why I don't post to my blog. I claim to be a writer, so why don't I write where someone has a chance to read what I have to say?

Some possible answers:

  1. I am not really a writer.
  2. No one reads posts anyway so why bother?
  3. On those rare occasions when I write, it seems to be the act of writing that matters, not that the words be read.
  4. I am afraid that what I am saying is not worth being read. By anyone.

It seems to me that there are easy intellectual responses I can make to each point above, but that's really only because I'm clever at composing solutions, not because I believe the responses.

I think the truth is that all four are true and valid points.

Of course I am a writer: I write all the time. And people have read what I write and might continue so to do if I wrote more. It is also true that if writing something is of benefit to me, it could be of benefit to others if they have the chance to read it.

As to #4 on the list - so what? Being worthless has stopped very few people. If writing at all has benefit to me (no matter how little) then it has worth on the only scale I respect: my own.

Post. Don't post. No one cares. But if I benefit from writing (I do), I should write. If anyone could possibly benefit from it, I should post. There doesn't seem to be any reason not to.

And for the record, I am a better person for having read of the struggles others have survived. See the list on the sidebar for some blogs worthy of reading.