Mike's Battle Reports

I need someplace to post Battle Reports, After Action Reports, and gaming notes. This is it.

Over on the right, you'll see a list of BatReps currently available.

Below this, you might find some notes about the rule sets I'm interested in, and comments as I think of them.

For the moment, I'm still deciding between using Ganesha Games' engine (Song of Blades and Heroes aka SBH) which I enjoy for the fluid action system, and Two Hour Wargames (THW) for their campaign system. Both are terrific systems and both allow for solo play. This is of prime importance to me as I'm rather isolated up here on Whidbey Island. That and I don't get along so well with others...

Oh, I suppose that's not really true. It might be more accurate to say that I don't get much time to go play with others and spend most of my time inside my own head.

Either way, I would like to share the games I play with other people.

This is where I'll do that.

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