About us

Hope and I moved to Whidbey Island, Washington in January of 2003. The transition from Silicon Valley was something that took time, but we're very happy here despite the distance from our grandchildren and the extended Winter.

Hope Wing-Tassano has been making quilts for friends since the 1980s. She favors traditional designs and takes great care not only in the composition of her quilts but also in matching the colors and patterns to the intended recipient.

Michael Tassano grew up puttering about in the shop. Old habits die hard.

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Once upon a time, I had a large website filled with genealogy information. Eventually, I removed it after receiving questions about personal privacy and the potential for identity theft that information posed.

Here you'll find some of my photography, some craft work, some writing, and any other odds and ends I think up. You may also view a brief resumé or a one-page graphical bio-blog to see my attitude about technical writing.


I'll begin with Antonio Tassano, my Italian great-great-grandfather born in 1838 in a small village in the Casarza district near Genoa. He married Dominica Boschetto around 1865, had a large family, and died in 1908.
As far as I know, he never came to America.

Vincenzo Andrea Tassano was Antonio's oldest son. Born in Casarza Ligure, Genoa, Italy in 1868, Vincenzo married Teresa Merciari and in 1900 sailed to America on the Trave. Once established in Stockton, California, Teresa and their two sons Antonio and Francesco joined him.
Cenzo had a farm in Stockton, at Alpine and West Lane and was active in the fraternal Società Italiana dei Giardinieri, the Italian Gardeners Society.

My grandfather was born Francesco Antonio Tassano on 2 February, 1899. His first business was going door-to-door in the neighborhoods of Stockton, buying excess fruit from homeowners and selling it for a profit at the fruitstand.
Generally known as Frank, he ran a nursery, farms, and a trucking business.
He married Charlotte Marie Pennebaker in 1924. He died shortly after his 82 birthday in 1981.

Frank Alvin Tassano was born in 1925 but was known as "Bud" to everyone. In 1947 he married Rachel Anna Toensing and they were married less than 4 years when Rachel died.
Though he worked in the aerospace industry, his true passion was arts and crafts. A painter, sculptor, and woodworker, Bud died in 2002.